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FRIIDA - Women's health online - Websupporten.no

Have you heard about FRIIDA - Women's Health Online?

FRIIDA. Take note of the name. You will notice more of it in the future. It is a website with many skilled professionals focusing on good women's health. Read the excerpt from FRIIDA's introduction:

Welcome to FRIIDA - Women's health online.

FRIIDA is a website that promotes a new women's health topic every month.

In the coming months, you will get to know our regular panel of experts and new professionals on topics such as endometriosis, hormones, vulovodynia, migraine, fibromyalgia, cardiovascular diseases, sex and relationships, psychology, mental training, diet and exercise.

Our team includes a hand-picked panel of experts consisting of professionals such as neuroscientist and doctor Ole Petter Hjelle, clinical nutritionist Tine Sundfør and gynaecologist Mari Ellingsen Chammas. Through the website, membership, courses and events, FRIIDA aims to promote the empowerment of women.

"FRIIDA wants to be a source of knowledge and inspiration and a community about women's physical and mental health."

Web support provides website, graphics and much more

Websupporten has produced the website and operates FRIIDA with both SEO and creative design, as well as providing all forms of digital services, print and graphic design - plus film, advertising and presence at events and more. We are pleased to call ourselves a strong integrated partner of FRIIDA - Women's Health Online.

This is something we are proud of and it shows our broad reach in a large creative field. Websupporten doesn't "just" provide web support. We are so much more and offer highly customised solutions with all possibilities included. Presence and intuitive thinking about how to help our clients achieve their goals are some of the things that make us truly passionate about what we do, because we like to deliver results. FRIIDA is a good example of this. Here we have to think outside the box all the time, as it's such a sophisticated concept that needs carefully considered wording and expression.

It is very rewarding to work with FRIIDA and the whole team. We are looking forward to all that we will achieve together with "Women's Health Online"!