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Hosted Exchange email at WS Norway

Hosted Exchange at WS Norway!

Not only can we tempt with a professional setup of email, but we offer Hosted Exchange with us in Web Support. If you have a business or are thinking of starting a business, then you will be taken seriously with a good email system, your own domain and not least - a supplier with good security!

No matter which device you use, both messages, calendars and your contact information are synchronized. It is a safe choice and the right choice for any business. Hosted Exchange email changes everyday life and gives you control.

Hosted Exchange provides the little extra for all information sharing that must be updated continuously, available from anywhere, where you can easily share the information with your colleagues. Hosted Exchange makes it easier to collaborate efficiently, this creates a much better user experience for you and your employees.

How does Hosted Exchange work with us?

It is very easy, you order and we arrange! You can choose exactly how many emails you need and we control all DNS settings on the domain and can be responsible for all administration, so you do not have to think about anything other than that it should work. We offer domains with us, if you already have a domain, we can move it to us and set up the email accordingly. We configure everything until you are up and running with your new professional email.

But what about my old emails?

There is no problem! We have a specially developed module that allows us to copy / migrate over your old emails. When we set up your new Hosted Exchange email, we can do this at the same time. If you want them on, it will be solved.

What about security?

We offer a good spam filter and support encryption. Our email supports STARTTLS on outgoing email and STARTTLS and SSL-on-connect on POP3 and IMAP. The MXs support so-called opportunistic encryption ( Read more on Wiki about this ) for both incoming and outgoing connections.

If you have problems with installation, it's all right and we follow you and your employees all the way. If you need Remote Control, we also offer this, in addition to good instructions for logging in. When you have Hosted Exchange, everything is synchronized, and thus you can also be pretty sure that you can log in directly to Outlook, then you are up and running.

Are you ready to order? Contact us HERE.