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Logo & Design

Your idea is about to become reality

Logo and design

Minimalist business logos and much more
  • Logo - Simple minimalist style 
  • Custom logo (2D, 3D Design) 
  • Banner 
  • Web Design - Different images and graphics
  • Cover Design 
  • Email Signatures 
  • Social Media - A Post / One Design 

We offer various animated designs

  • Introductions of business with animated logo 
  • Short films for commercials 
  • Information graphics 
  • Animated images 
  • Gifs - Business and to web pages 
  • Different advertising designs 
  • Animation view and shapes 

Logo and Design
Here you can order everything from designs on menu, business cards, invitations, brochures and what you need 

for your business. We also create designs for business cards where everything is made according to informed details about the company.

We have worked together with restaurants and several local companies where we

different package prices on the design of menus, etc. Our logos are usually made in a

minimalist business style. We have a satisfaction guarantee, so you should not be satisfied with your

design, then we re-create it. You choose and we create.

Looking for animated characters or an introduction to your business? We take care of that part,

you can easily submit your description or logo, and we'll create various snippets that fit

good for both presentations, commercials and social media.

Here there are many who use these types of animations for their offer days and promotion

new products or news from your company. 

How to determine colors?
Not sure which way you want to go or what colors you want? Take it easy, 

we are happy to help with idea development and can take part in the project on demand.

Colours are important, as they will follow the company like a red thread,

here it is just to start planning and should there be something,

Then we're here.

We listen // Get in touch

All prices are ex.VAT