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MS365 solutions for businesses

Microsoft 365 (MS365, formerly known as Office 365) is a modern digital office, gathered in one place, but available everywhere. If you work from home, on the train, in the bus or in the office - your services are always available. MS365 lets you be productive on the go anytime.

The solutions are designed to create seamless working methods within companies.

The first question that is often asked is - Why should you choose MS365?

Below are some good reasons!

The difference between old Office and MS365

The answer begins with a small explanation that deals with a differentiation of what the "Office package" used to be, and what it is today, when it is called MS365. Office usually consisted of Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook as an e-mail program. In the past, you had a license that was installed on one device. This is what many people remember to this day, and associate Office with. But today's reality is completely different. MS365 can be used over several devices, as you usually have at least two devices. You can install MS365 on PC, Laptop, iPad and other tablets, and iPhone, Android and other mobile phones. This is the first reason why you should choose MS365 as your new tool, as your new digital office.

Flexible and safe

Microsoft has renewed the entire "Office package" to include so much more. It is a very flexible solution that has greater security, greater security and provides a dynamic working relationship and cooperation for your employees in everyday life. MS365 is Productivity. When it comes to security, MS365 is very secure. There are encrypted saves made within your account and the level of login security is strong. We always recommend using two-step verification, both in accordance with MS365 and other online logins, such as Facebook and Google .

MS365 has been improved and renewed in every way

You have Word, Excel, PP, Outlook / Calendar, OneDrive, OneNote and not least Teams + much more! Word is further developed and even better than before, as are the other well-known programs. OneDrive is the cloud solution that stores all your work online, OneNote – your digital notebook with all your note-taking needs and real-time sharing with your colleagues. Microsoft Teams was probably used more during the pandemic than ever before, and it gave a good insight into how to work effectively and digitally with each other. It's the ultimate messaging app for your organization - a workspace for collaboration and real-time communication, meetings, file and app sharing, and not to be too serious - it even includes Emoji's as part of its chat features! Everything in one place.

Everything is cloud-based!

This means that everything is continuously stored in your account, in the cloud, online. You always have access to all your files, as long as you are online. If you're not online, your work can be saved to the device you're working on and updated when you're back online.

When you work with your files in OneDrive, you have a basis for sharing, editing together and collaborating with your colleagues. The restrictions are gone and you don't really need to share anything through email anymore.

  • You can save your file on OneDrive and access it anywhere using your browser or the MS365 app.
  • Share a file from OneDrive with specific people, colleagues or share via a link.
  • Your files are always safe and stored online.
  • You are always up to date – When you are connected!

Microsoft Office 365 is the digital example of what a cloud-based service should be, for businesses. Such services are the basis for how efficiently you work in the same company, how quickly you share information and how quickly it can be handled. The technology strategy for businesses begins here.

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