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Pawesomeday Shopify store

Shopify store Pawesomeday

The web support has worked closely with the people behind the cozy and animal-friendly Shopify store "Pawesomeday.no". Here, your four-legged friends will find puzzle games and healthy dog treats, which are guaranteed to be a new favorite in the home. They wanted to start an online store to spread knowledge about how important brain exercise is for all dogs and how important it is to have good, clean and healthy treats.

We received the request to put together a new Shopify store that was to be operated from Bergen, where orders are sent around our beautiful Norway. It was about creating a design that is easy to adjust, looks nice and tidy, but at the same time gives a serious impression of the store itself.

First of all, it's fun to find pictures of happy animals, just that alone creates the atmosphere and we get happy even here we sit behind the screens. Then there is the need to be covered with multilingual opportunities. The store is offered in Norwegian, Swedish and Danish. Then we meet quite well within the areas that are of interest to the owners. The language selection is easily placed and easily accessible as a choice when visiting the site. Such solutions in the Shopify store can be adapted to customers' needs, as the possibilities are very great when you have chosen Shopify as a platform.

Pawesomeday.no is a recommended pet store online
Pawesomeday.no is a favorite for the four-legged!

The Pawesomeday store is also made with its own code to stand out in the crowd and not least, to offer a user-friendly journey throughout the visit. You should be able to easily add products to the shopping cart or select "Buy now" as an alternative. Creating a simple and fast trading experience is one of today's challenges. You have to offer consumers what they want.

It all really started with a logo. Pawesomeday came to us to ask for a logo that was different and inspired by paws, with a good input of nice pastel colors. We were obviously eager and interested right away! The idea was good and we were off! Today, the same logo has inspired the colors of the website. We still have nice colors from the logo, and the feedback has been great. We are more than happy and the best thing is that we can say the same about the owners of the store. When we achieve this for customers, there is nothing that makes us happier. There is nothing that makes us want to create such success stories.

Shopify is recommended at Websupporten.no
Shopify is recommended for you who want to take the step further online

The cozy Shopify store Pawesomeday is already well on its way to becoming a hit, and sales are only moving forward! It is very exciting to follow the digital journey to an online store. Especially when there is a shop that is in a small niche for itself, and that will give our four-legged friends quality toys, equipment and dog treats. If you have some four-legged cuties yourself, we can definitely recommend this store.

With this we in Websupporten, wish good luck to the team behind Pawesomeday !

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