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Privacy statement

What is it?

A privacy statement is a standardized write/form that is easily accessible where users (customers) connect with the business, e.g. on the company's websites and apps, to inform users (customers) about:

  1. what personal data is collected and why it is collected
  2. how this information is used
  3. who is responsible for the processing of the personal data
  4. how long the personal data is stored, how it is secured and whether it is shared with any
  5. how users can change incorrect information 
  6. obtained or deleted information
  7. What rights the user has and who they can contact more information about their personal data
  8. how they can withdraw a previously given consent

The new Personal Data Act sets stricter requirements for how the business informs its customers about the personal data collected and the procedures the business has for the processing of this personal data. It has also become a requirement that this information should be provided in a simple, concise, clear and understandable manner and not in a perpetual standard condition everyone must accept in order to do something. Thus, we have put up this simple explanation first, and from now on comes the Privacy Policy.

Our Privacy Policy

Last revised 12/12/2020

This Privacy Policy applies to Websupporten AS ("we"). We are the data controller for the processing of personal data described in this Privacy Policy. You can find our contact information below.

  1. Who we process personal data about

This Privacy Policy is aimed at our processing of personal data about the following persons:

  • Contact persons with our suppliers, partners and customers
  • Visitors to our website
  • Those who send enquiries to us via contact form on our website

  1. With whom we share personal data

Our IT service providers may have access to personal data if personal data is stored with the provider or is otherwise available to the provider under the contract with us. The suppliers act in accordance with the data processing agreement with us and under our instructions. The Provider may only use the personal data for the purposes we have determined and described in this Privacy Policy.


  1. Storage of personal data

For users who submit a form on this website, personal data that they provide is also stored. Contact inquiries are deleted after 1 year.


  1. Your rights

You have rights in personal data concerning you. What rights you have depend on the circumstances.


Withdraw consent : If you have given consent to receive newsletters from us, you may withdraw this consent at any time. We have arranged for you to easily opt out of these types of enquiries by including a link to the deregistration form in each inquiry. If you have consented to any other processing of personal data, you may also withdraw your consent at any time for the purposes of this processing by directing an inquiry to us.


Request access: You have the right to access what personal data we have registered about you, so far no obligation of confidentiality is required. In order to ensure that personal data is disclosed to the right person, we may demand that the request for access be made in writing or that identity is verified in any other way.


Request correction or deletion: You may ask us to correct incorrect information we have about you or ask us to delete personal information. We will, as far as possible, accommodate a request to delete personal data, but we cannot do so if there are weighty reasons not to delete, for example, that we must store the information for documentation reasons.

Data portability: In some cases, you may be able to obtain personal data you have provided to us in a machine-readable format.

If it is technically possible, in some cases it will be possible to have these transferred directly to other companies.


Complaint to the supervisory authority: If you disagree with the way we process your personal data, you can lodge a complaint with the Data Protection Authority.


  1. Security

We have established procedures to handle personal data securely. The measures are both of a technical and organisational nature. We carry out regular assessments of the security of all key systems used for the handling of personal data, and agreements have been entered into that require suppliers of such systems to ensure satisfactory information security.

Access to personal data is limited to personnel who need access to perform their tasks. We have adopted internal IT policies, and we regularly train employees with regard to security and use of IT systems.


  1. Changes to the Privacy Policy

We may make minor changes to this Privacy Policy. You will always find the latest version on our website. In the event of significant changes, we will notify you of this.


  1. Contact us

If you have any questions or comments regarding our Privacy Policy or you would like to exercise your rights, please contact us with details referred below:


Websupporten AS

Møllegata 31

4008 Stavanger

Email: kontakt@websupporten.no

Phone: +47 94 09 34 09


  1. Cookies

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  • Record and calculate traffic and usage patterns on the website (statistics)
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A cookie does not contain any personal information and cannot be used to identify the user.

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