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We are official Tawk.to Partner

Tawk.to | Websupporten.no

Approved and proud partner

If you've never heard of tawk.to, it's a live chat app used by over 3.2 million business users worldwide. Several of our customers use it and the feedback is only positive.

We are here to continuously evolve and build on several amazing partnerships, and we are always looking for authentic, innovative ways to grow. With over 1.5 billion other sites out there, we're grateful when someone chooses to visit us and realizes the importance of making each interaction count. Tawk.to has been instrumental in helping us achieve this for our customers who have had this integrated on their website.

What does Tawk.to do exactly, you ask? Tawk.to is a messaging app to turn interactions into lasting relationships. Tawk.to is the most used live chat app on the planet, leaving you there when your customer needs you most by monitoring your visits and interacting with your customers up to 24/7. And if you can't be there, Tawk.to provides support with the team of experienced hired agents for as little as $1 per hour. They also offer dedicated virtual assistants to help you with the repetitive, everyday tasks, so you can focus your energy on your business while saving money and time.

Our business is also based on customer satisfaction, which is why we are so happy to partner with a business that truly believes in building positive growth in society.

We are here to connect you to the rest of the world

Tawwk.to Partner | Websupporten.no

In a crowded online world, and with 73% of consumers deciding where loyalty lies with the different brands based on great customer experiences, accessibility is becoming increasingly important.

With us you get the full package where we connect the application on your website, translate all of the content in addition to the ability to set up a "customer portal" with information about your website, products or whatever it may be.