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Moi Impact Agency - and Websupporten together

Our network is growing with Moi Impact

Our network is growing further and further, and one of our partners with whom we have been working closely and well for quite some time is becoming even more integrated into Websupporten and vice versa.

Our collaboration with MOI Impact Agency has been a great success. MOI Impact Agency, owned by journalist Jennifer, is a skilled and creative team that has helped us achieve our goals. The collaboration has been marked by a shared passion for making a difference and creating impactful solutions.

Jennifer's extensive experience as a journalist has been invaluable in creating engaging and informative content that reaches our target audience. She and her team are dedicated to delivering results and are always willing to go the extra mile to ensure we are happy with the work they produce.

Together we have formed a strong working relationship based on trust, transparency and mutual respect. This has allowed us to work efficiently and effectively towards a common goal, delivering the best possible results for our clients. We have large and small clients together, but with one and the same goal - to create a smooth and efficient delivery of quality work across the board. It is so incredibly important to us and our clients that our work is delivered with such results.

How do we fill in each other?

The collaboration between Websupporten and Moi Impact allows us to adapt our services even more according to our clients' wishes. Jennifer's background complements our area of expertise in social media and content. She is a former analyst from the media industry with 12 years of experience, she has been a project coordinator and has been involved in marketing for several years. In addition, she is Head of Social Media for BNI Norway. It is no secret that BNI is something that stands for collaboration, personal development and the basic idea that is based on passing on business in the network. All this and more is included in the collaboration.

Websupporten delivers a wide range of digital services and has established itself with good solutions that deliver results and a large customer portfolio. Today, Websupporten consists of a network of companies working together to complement each other, primarily in Scandinavia - but with companies and connections around Europe with a workstation in Spain. We always try to do our best to ensure that we can offer the best to our clients, and this is where Moi Impact comes in. With the journalistic and analytical skills that we bring into the company, we can really complement all the requirements that our clients have.

Our partnership with MOI Impact Agency has been a true success and we are proud to have such a skilled and dedicated team working with us. We are confident that our continued collaboration will result in even greater achievements and impact in the future.