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Online store with Vipps?

Vipps – A simplified everyday life through liberating solutions.

Vipps has all heard of, and it is one of the best smart payment systems available. If you are going to have an online store with Vipps integrated together with BankAxept and BankID, payment and identification is easier than ever before.
And when we talk about lightness, that's exactly what customers want. A simple, fast and smart system that delivers.

Online stores today are created all over the world with various systems, editing tools and with countless plugins. One of the things customers react to is whether the page is poorly prepared, so maps, in terms of design etc. but if the payment methods are not credible, then one has a problem. And then you're going to lose sales.

Online store with Vipps is a smart payment

To keep up with the power, it's important to offer customers solutions. It is our job to help with such setups so that you and your company can create such opportunities for their customers.
Vipps is world class and we are of course delivering online stores that have this included.
Everything is configured and ready for you to continue your journey into the digital world of sales.

When you start with online sales in today's society, there are a lot of things to think about, payment solution is just one of them. However, it is a very important part to have in place to ensure betlaing, and not least that customers should be able to rely on the payment method. Then it comes in handy to use reputable programs and methods that customers use daglidags.

Since the start of Vipps, everything has changed with how we vippser money back and forth, borrow something from a mate or buy something on a friend. It's all about just that, life becomes simpler, easier and lightness creates activity. If you've forgotten your wallet and have your phone with you, you can tilt anyone for what you're going to buy. An online store with such payment solutions gives you the feeling of a simplified and liberating everyday life where things just work out.

Tilt, you're ready. Get an online store today, contact us here.

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