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The web support is at The Well with FRIIDA

We are so excited to be part of the first event of FRIIDA, and many more to come! Today we are in Oslo at The Well where speakers, goodie bags and much more are ready for everyone who comes to attend the event.

First, let's introduce FRIIDA:

FRIIDA is 'Women's Health Online'. A website that promotes a new women's health topic every month. CEO Siri Westervoll has long had a dream to realise such a project on a large scale, which we can nicely say she is in the process of doing now, together with Websupporten and a great team of contributors.

"FRIIDA wants to be a source of knowledge and inspiration and a community about women's physical and mental health."

We have been lucky enough to work with FRIIDA for over 2 years now, and finally we can say that the website has been launched and we have a lot of talented people with us in the production and editorial team. There is a lot of hard work behind it to gather both qualitative content and information that will be disseminated in a good way to the whole country.

Women's health is under-researched and under-funded. FRIIDA sheds light on these issues with a strong focus on bringing them to the fore and putting them in the spotlight.

Event at The Well

Today we gather to hold an event created for women, by FRIIDA. We are at The Well Spa & Hotel in Oslo, Norway. Over 100 people are invited to the event, and Websupporten has its own film crew in place, of course. And we deliver a rollup designed by our own Jan Oskar on graphic and printed at our office in Stavanger, with inspiration taken from the website and the expression from FRIIDA's social media. We take photos, film and edit - and post via social media. It is incredibly fun to be part of this journey to promote women's health in Norway.

We thank you for letting us be a big part of FRIIDA and look forward to the road ahead together!

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