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Web support is growing - The team

The web support team is growing with a new sales manager

We have been looking for a long time for a sales manager who can represent our entire sales department. Both in the Scandinavian market, but also in Europe. We have several of our sales roots connected to long experience in various industries. Especially from previous positions in Stavanger, such as at Kvadrat and in Kvadrat's board. In addition, we have good experience from almost 8 years in the gaming industry, specifically GameStop . It can in many ways be related to what we do today according to how we sell all the digital services we perform. It's about finding customers where they are, why they are there and where the next step should take them.

We have had very clear goals and visions for our new sales manager, who holds all the points from our 5 values.

  1. We grow together
  2. We create successful customers
  3. Action with integrity
  4. Make a difference
  5. Make it better, always

These are the Company's 5 values, which should be a part of everyone who works within the entire organization. No matter what position or role you have. There are values that mean everything to us and the success we create for our customers. It is quite clear and distinct what we are looking for. It is to create the best result of our actions. Our first value is about growing with each other, and it is a method our new sales manager already knows well:

“WS is a company built by family. Caring for each other's growth is our highest priority, we can not grow without each other. We can not help all our customers or complete all projects without each other. Our foundation is built on growing together to create growth for others. ”

Our new sales manager

Thus, and with great pleasure we can present our new Sales Manager Ruben Sivertsen, who enters the position "Head of Sales Division, Scandinavia & WS Europe" and will bring all his experience and good merits further into the Web support. Ruben has received a sales award for being one of this year's sales leaders within GameStop. He is a person who gives everything to perform the best of every assignment he works on. That's exactly what we're looking for in a sales manager.

As Sales Manager in Web Support, Ruben will get a good overview of a number of companies within the EU. Which in turn will be a big part of our new venture into the rest of the world. WS Scandinavia and WS Europe are thus our link to the great development we are in the process of. Our sales manager, Ruben, will represent the Company to many companies around the world and we look forward to a long-term and successful relationship.

WS Interviews WS Europe

We were also so lucky that we got to interview Ruben about the position and what he envisions in the future:

Read the interview here!

Interviewer: Hi Ruben, welcome to Websupporten as sales manager! It is so exciting that we have got you on the team. So tell us, who is Reuben?

Ruben: I'm a simple guy, who wakes up every day with the idea of how the day should be the best possible, and how I can be better than yesterday. I am driven by success in teams, and to play each other well, we are never stronger than the weakest link. I am a competitive person who loves to win, and 2nd place is never an opportunity. I think you have to want to be the best to be the best. And you have to work harder than the others to be the best. If you can do a task on a Monday, then you do not wait until Tuesday.

Interviewer: How do you envision that your experience as a sales manager in the gaming industry and retail in general, can help lift WS to the next level?

Ruben: With the experiences I have built up in working life within retail and management, I have learned what a salesman's life is like. The customer will always have what is best for him, and the most important thing a salesperson can do is listen. Get what the customer needs, find the best option, create a good relationship with the customer. I want to take this with me into WS, the customer should be able to trust that I am there because I want to, and for their sake. At the end of the day, I'm not happy if the customer is not happy. I can help lift WS to the next level this way. And to create keep the good reputation, and the work commitment that is already there.

Interviews: There are rumors that you will take care of both the Scandinavia and Europe market, it will be a big assignment and a lot of responsibility. What do you think about it?

Ruben: This is the opportunity I have been waiting for after many years of sales and management. I'm used to a lot of responsibility and I really enjoy it, I know what is expected of me. I probably have higher demands on myself than anyone else. I think that can come in handy when we make WS even bigger. I enjoy the opportunity in such a position, and I am used to having to work harder than others to be able to succeed, I will continue to do so here as well.

Interviewer: With a base in Bergen, how will you work most effectively with the rest of the team to create the best possible results?

Ruben: When you get the opportunity to meet the team, talk to the team, it's about learning, absorbing the information they have, and going for the results they have and want. Open dialogue I think can be important, one must not be afraid to share thoughts and ideas. One must want to learn from the best, know how they work. Communication is the most important tool you have in a business, and it is the key to success.

Interviewer: If you can choose 3 things that will be important on the road to success in sales in such a large market, what are the three things?

Ruben: 1. The team - Work well with the team, learn from them, help them towards the goals, and make sure that the goals are reached.
2. Will - The will to want to succeed. The will to want to work harder, more purposefully to be able to achieve success in WS.
Instinct - Trust my instinct. Both sales instinct and winning instinct, so I know how good I can be.

Interviewer: Thank you for your time and good luck in Web Support!

With that we say "welcome to the Ruben family!"

If you want to get to know Ruben better, you can visit his LinkedIn profile HERE .

Are you interested in hearing what we have to offer and how our services can help you and your company further? Contact Ruben HERE, or send us a form.


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