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FRIIDA - Women's health online - Websupporten.no

Have you heard about FRIIDA - Women's Health Online?

FRIIDA. Take note of the name. You will notice more of it in the future. It is a website with many skilled professionals focusing on good women's health. Read the excerpt from FRIIDA's introduction: Welcome to FRIIDA - Women's Health Online. FRIIDA is a website that promotes a new women's health topic every month. In the coming months, you will get to know our... Read more "Have you heard about FRIIDA - Women's Health Online?

Moi Impact Agency - and Websupporten together

Our network is growing with Moi Impact

Our network is growing further and further, and one of our partners with whom we have been working closely and well for quite some time is becoming even more integrated into the Websupporten and vice versa. Our collaboration with MOI Impact Agency has been a great success. MOI Impact Agency, owned by journalist Jennifer, is a skilled and creative team that has helped us... Read more "Our network grows with Moi Impact

MS365 - Web support

MS365 solutions for businesses

Microsoft 365 (MS365, formerly known as Office 365) is a modern digital office, gathered in one place, but available everywhere. If you work from home, on the train, in the bus or in the office - your services are always available. MS365 lets you be productive on the go anytime. The solutions are designed to create seamless work methodologies within companies.… Read more » MS365 solutions for companies

ONS TRUST 2022 (1)

Thanks to ONS and all visitors

First of all, we would like to thank ONS for having been absolutely fantastic regarding follow-up and service from start to finish. This was of course our first ONS and we have worked intensively on getting products, stand material, design and so much more in place. We have had visitors from Scandinavia / Europe from the WS system, and we all gathered... Read more » Thanks to ONS and all visitors

ONS Stavanger Web support

The web support will come to ONS 2022

We are honored to be part of ONS Trust 2022! It is with great pleasure that we can say that Websupporten will go to ONS and present a new phase and a new future for the company, in its home town. We come from all over Norway and Spain to gather in Stavanger for ONS 2022. We are grateful to be… Read more » Web support comes to ONS 2022

Web support is growing - The team

The web support team is growing with a new sales manager

We have been looking for a long time for a sales manager who can represent our entire sales department. Both in the Scandinavian market, but also in Europe. We have several of our sales roots connected to long experience in various industries. Especially from previous positions in Stavanger, such as at Kvadrat and in Kvadrat's board. In addition, we have good experience from almost 8 years… Read more » The web support team grows with a new sales manager

Pawesomeday Shopify store

Shopify store Pawesomeday

The web support has worked closely with the people behind the cozy and animal-friendly Shopify store "Pawesomeday.no". Here, your four-legged friends will find puzzle games and healthy dog treats, which are guaranteed to be a new favorite in the home. They wanted to start an online store to spread knowledge about how important brain exercise is for all dogs and how important it is to have good, clean and healthy treats.… Read more » Shopify store Pawesomeday