Websupporten acquires Nettpakke.no and continues to grow

Press release

Today marks a new chapter in our journey. We announce the acquisition of Nettpakke.no, a well-known player in digital solutions since 2019. This acquisition signals not only growth and expansion for us, but also renewal and integration of our core values into Nettpakke.no's operations.

In a world where digital presence is crucial for any business, Nettpakke.no represents a unique opportunity. With its focus on online solutions at fixed and predictable package prices, Nettpakke.no has offered a cost-effective and streamlined solution for small and large businesses looking to strengthen their online presence.

Increased competitiveness

Nettpakke's original owners made the difficult decision to cease operations and no previous owners are continuing with Nettpakke. In light of this, we at Websupporten saw an opportunity to not only preserve, but also to improve and expand the solid foundation that Nettpakke.no has built. By integrating our core values - "We grow together," "Do it better, always," and "Make a difference" - into Nettpakke's operations, we are committed to continuing and reinforcing their commitment to innovation.

This acquisition represents a commitment to maintain and strengthen Nettpakke.no's position in the market as a partner for businesses seeking efficient and affordable digital solutions. Our ambition is to build a bridge between Nettpakke.no's established offerings and Websupporten's comprehensive services, to create an even more dynamic and flexible offering for our customers.

Tom Danny Pedersen, CEO of Websupporten, says the following: "This is a venture we have great faith in. Nettpakke.no fills an important need in the market for smaller companies seeking accessible but powerful digital solutions. Together with Websupporten's wider range of customized solutions, Nettpakke will strengthen our offering and ensure that all our customers - regardless of size and needs - get access to the best possible digital services."

Tom Danny Pedersen, General Manager of Websupporten

We look forward to navigating this new phase with optimism and commitment, and we are eager to share the many benefits this integration will bring to our customers and society as a whole. Together, with renewed strength and focus, we are ready to continue making a difference in the digital world.

Welcome to a new era with Websupporten and Nettpakke.no - together we are growing, continuously improving and making a significant difference.