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Coding and Development

When it starts to get hard, we make it easier

Project/WEB/app development

Contact us for project development
  • Page building
  • Page customization
  • New sections
  • New items
  • New themes
  • Navigation
  • Style change and update
  • Contact form and further inquiry
performance improvement

Speed is important, we fix it

  • WordPress optimization
  • HTML and CSS expert performance
  • File changes
  • Gzip implementation
  • Script changes
  • Code and image compression
  • Responsive performance improvement
  • Fast handling capability for 1.499.- extra per domain

Application services

Full overview:

Node JS - Angular 4+ PHP Codeignitor, Cake and Laravel - React JS

Python Flask and Django - Go Lang - MySQL - HTML5 (All Types)

Bootstrap 3, 4 and 5 - in addition to full database and payment setup in cloud

What can we offer in the field of development?

It is in the words, Frontend is what is closest to our customers, i.e. the code itself that shapes the visual on the screen. 

Backend is the bit of software that stays "behind" the whole show, that's the foundation and what makes things work the way they should. 

All prices are ex.VAT