FRIIDA - A Nordic health and lifestyle brand




Marketing department, Consulting



FRIIDA was first launched in October 2022, a website with its own magazine for women. Every month, FRIIDA shares unique articles on current topics in women's health.

FRIIDA - Women's health online - 2024

About the project

Websupporten has been with FRIIDA since the beginning, we started the project at the beginning of 2021 and it has been quite a journey. We feel lucky to have been given such a central role in a brand that works for women's health. It's an incredibly important topic that needs to be highlighted, and we work very closely with the rest of FRIIDA to continuously contribute to this.

A marketing department at your disposal

Here we offer the power of a marketing department to FRIIDA, so we are covered through all channels. We develop, perform SEO, host on our servers, provide Microsoft support, act as advisors, perform strategy and analysis, attend events, take photos and videos - you name it. When working with startups, it is essential for success to think cost-effectively with a good organization.

We are fortunate to be so integrated and to be part of this journey. This is a long-term partnership and we look forward to the road ahead.