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Websupporten.no | Website optimization and SEO

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Blazing-fast managed hosting plans for WordPress

We have web hosting and web servers that provide speed and control with good security. Operated by us from only 189 NOK per month.

Built-in Caching

With built-in caching, your web space is able to provide even more, and with less resources. You get faster pages, better capacity and user experiences - and lower costs.

Prevention of threats

Your web space is continuously scanned for viruses and Trojans, among others, and we remove or close access to the threats before it affects visitors or harms your website's reputation and ratings in Google.

Free SSL!

Now you get totally free SSL, no strings attached, on all our web hosting - absolutely true! With Let's Encrypt, no one-time costs or monthly fees apply. Increased security for your users and better ratings on Google.

WP Web server/hotel

Our Web hosting and our Web servers are suitable for all purposes, and scale from small personal websites to large business pages. You pay for the space you need and can upgrade the service if needed.

A leading provider in network content delivery

We're a Stackpath partner

With a global network of over 50 locations, you'll be closer than ever to delivering a great customer experience to your visitors.

Stackpath.com | Partner Web Support

Used by several companies

Valve | Websupporten.no
Sectigo in Websupporten.no
PBS At Websupporten.no
JSF at WebSupport
Bootstrap | Websupporten.no
BuySellAds | Websupporten.no

Lightning fast

Data processing with 60% less latency. CDN with 80% cache hits ratio. Serverless without boot time. Dedicated private network between Edge locations... Yes, it's going fast!

Global reach

50+ edge locations seamlessly integrated into an automated platform and comprehensive APIs. We'll put you in the face of the whole world as an availability zone.

Built-in security

Including DDoS reduction and SSL. Private network between locations. Built-in cloud firewall. Safety must be built up, not "attached" on. Here's it all in.

Reduced costs

Let's find the right package for you so you don't spend more than you need. Redist the costs, let's control the bandwidth and pay for what the website actually uses.


Supplier and subcontractor, you will find us online!

Websupporten.no | SEO Online Services

Are you looking for a business partner or needing White Label services?

We would like to hear from you, your thoughts, challenges and goals.

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We tailor offers to your needs

When it comes to digital progress, you can be sure that your digital world is safe with us. We help you find the best solutions for you and your company. Start today with a non-binding conversation.

Websupporten.no | Tailor-made offers

Responsive homepages with unique design

High-quality professional websites created to be found on search engines

Responsive home pages at websupporten.no

We are available for you to succeed

We have 24/7 support on order, if you need something on a morning, evening or weekend - we can be right there!

Weglot.com | Websupporten.no Partner

We do translations

We are partnered with Weglot, used by over 50,000 companies online!

If you are going to have professional translation, we can set it up for you through our partnership. We install everything and in addition, we go through translations manually to make it professional and translated the be possible way. If you choose to purchase a website from us, you can add it as an extra service.

The Websupporten.no Grunders pack

Did you know we have a special program for Entrepreneurs?

That's right, our Entrepreneur program consists of a package of very good prices and conditions for YOU that is in a start-up phase. Let us help you along the way. Submit an application today! 

SEO | Online stores | Websites

Good deals, quick and easy

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of both websites and online stores

We work actively and manually with SEO within Google's guidelines. With a team that specializes in SEO and content production for a professional look and good results, we create success online together with our customers.

We have a good overview of our services, you can easily find out to see what suits you best. If you do not find anything specific, we will of course make a separate offer that is made just for you. When it comes to search engine optimization and responsive websites, you are in safe hands with us. If you need optimization of performance, take a test HERE and ask us for further recommendations and offers.

Tawk.to | Websupporten.no

Websupporten + Tawk.to = Partner

Meet your customers online! We are the official Tawk.to Partner and integrate the feature on your website. Chat with your customers, create your own "Infobase" to easily provide a guide to your visitors. With full IP overview, you can even see the behavior and which pages they have visited. This gives you the opportunity to provide a better experience to your customers. Please contact us today to take your customer service to the next level!

We work for your success

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The staff were very friendly and helpful. Highly recommended!

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We are incredibly pleased with the Websupporten team! They have great prces, they are efficient and easy to communicate with. You feel prioritized! 

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