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SpareBank1 is a solid group of banks in Norway, which are exciting players in the market with great ambitions and approaches. Sparebank 1 Alliansen is used as a collective term for all the independent companies, all SpareBank 1 banks, SpareBank 1 Gruppen AS and subsidiaries. SpareBank 1 Alliansen comprises over 350 branches. In total, the alliance has approximately 5,400 employees, of which approximately 1,400 are associated with SpareBank 1 Gruppen and subsidiaries.

SpareBank1 Consulting within SEO

About the project

SpareBank1 approached us to help assess the market in terms of different types of loans, as well as to create a good understanding of their own position. As we specialize in trend data that changes seasonally and various in-depth analyses of websites, this is a type of assignment that we warmly welcome. It is very exciting to work with such a player, where the work is on such a large scale in terms of analysis and surveys.