We develop tomorrow

At Websupporten, it's all about the people we are and the people we work with. Our drive and adaptability, combined with a big heart, enable us to make a difference every day. As a close-knit group with varied experiences, skills and interests, we offer creative and long-term digital solutions. We are passionate about meeting our customers' needs and tackling complex challenges with innovation and commitment.

An enthusiastic dream | Websupporten.no

An enthusiastic dream

How did it begin?
Like so many stories, ours began with a huge enthusiasm for technology.

With over 20 years of experience in the computer industry, we are prepared and definitely ready for any challenge that comes our way. The story began in the boys' room in 2003 with several computer parts, a new toolkit and CDs ready to install the computer goodies of the time.

Back then, Startit was big in the area and even they were impressed when the teenager showed off his building skills and gave a clear message "You should start working in IT!" The dream was clear, and ever since then, the digital world has become our world. Fast forward to the present day where the same dream is being pursued just as enthusiastically, where we get to help others achieve their dreams.


In his hometown, Stavanger

Websupporten was started by a highly qualified team developing tomorrow. We help businesses get started, improve or simply maintain and drive progress.

Most of our work takes place in an office in Stavanger, and from here to the rest of the world, we help create digital solutions. We're not the biggest company, but we're just as dedicated to each and every customer, either in Stavanger or wherever they need us.If you need something done on a Friday afternoon or Sunday morning, we're here on demand. Our specialty is the scope of our nature, as we take on very different assignments from day to day. 

Today, we are home to almost 100 companies where we have operating agreements and various ongoing services. They come in all shapes and sizes, and we appreciate them all.

Websupporten makes you visible in Stavanger | Websupporten.no

Our values

We grow together

As a family-built company, we put each other's growth as our top priority, knowing that we can't grow or help our customers without community. Our foundation rests on growing together to promote the success of others. Through respect for morals and ethics in our interactions, internally, with partners and customers, we build integrity as the basis for loyalty and long-lasting, healthy working relationships.

Make it better, always

Regardless of the project, the goal is always to outdo ourselves - to do better, always.

This value stems from our foundation, where we, as family and colleagues, share interests from gaming to football, and more. It's about how to score goals like Ronaldo, and how to make your next goal even better than the last.

Making a difference

A simple concept that means a lot to us. We are here to make a difference in everyday life. We're here to create a footprint we can be proud of for years to come, perhaps even generations.

When we wake up every day, it's to do something meaningful, create results that pay off and do what we can to achieve our goals.

A small team - Many skills

We are dedicated people working behind the screens at Websupporten.
From here and out to the rest of the world, we help create tomorrow's opportunities. Digitally!


Tom Danny S. Pedersen - General Manager of Websupporten

Tom Danny Pedersen

General Manager & SEO Specialist
Jan Oskar S. Pedersen - SOME Marketing Manager

Jan Oskar S. Pedersen

SOME, Support & Marketing Manager
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Dan Johan Pedersen

Owner & Administration
Camilla Nørregaard - Designer | Websupporten.no

Camilla Nørregaard

Web designer
Adrian Kirkhus ICT

Adrian H. Kirkhus

ICT, Technical Support Team
Ruben Sivertsen - Sales 2024 | Websupporten.no

Ruben Sivertsen

Head Of Sales Division
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Writer | Copywriter
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Liam Tissot

Project management
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Andy Cena


What can we help you with?

We're here to listen and collaborate! Contact us today and let's create something extraordinary together. Our dedicated team is ready to handle your inquiries and find customized solutions that fit your needs. Get in touch on +47 94 09 34 09 or send an email to kontakt@websupporten.no