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Web support

We offer support when you need it


For different platform types online




  • The option for those who need help with new platforms for sale
  • Assisting in product sorting, integrations, and various features

To get support as soon as possible

From Kr



  • The option for the person in a hurry
  • Book and get direct support as soon as possible
  • We can help with maintenance, emergency solutions, integration issues or general questions
  • 24/7 Support between 00:00 and 07:00 is offered for 1,299.- per hour
  • Support from Saturday to Sunday is offered for 1,299.- per hour

All prices are ex.VAT

Websupport - What can we offer?

At Websupport, we offer among the country's cheapest support for various online platforms. 

We work with a long list and can offer clean support for PC, installs of Plugins, WordPress help and several others.

In addition, we have Local IT Support where in some cases we even go out to help with printer setup and much more. 

Skies the limit! And yes, we help with the cloud and, FTP srever uploads, installation of XML on server etc.

We want it to be simple and good price, therefore the hourly rates start at 499.- per hour depending on what one needs,

and how fast and when you need it. But we'll be here when it's needed.

Remote control

Our team can also connect on your computer and remotely control it to figure out a problem with you. 

It can be email setup, settings on your PC, installing new applications or over to web-related things.

If the machine has been difficult lately and things don't work, then we can help figure out the problem.

For web page platforms, we also have remote guidance where we can easily view instructions on how 

different parts are done.