NordiConsult - One of the largest commercial players in line inspection



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NordiConsult is an independent third-party inspection company that focuses on conducting thorough inspections of electricity and telecom network infrastructure. Since 2005, NordiConsult has served both the public and private sectors. Today, NordiConsult AS is a leading player in the industry with specialized expertise in component assessment and condition monitoring of lines from 0.23 V to 132 kV, as well as measurement of transition resistance.

Lines are controlled by NordiConsult

About the project

NordiConsult is a collaborative customer for Websupporten & Moi, we were contacted to take NordiConsult to the next level. Only first place on Google was desired, no less. In addition, they needed a good operational solution without downtime, with full focus on fast service and precision. This led us to build a new site in Elementor Pro, which provided a better design, greater usability and a shorter journey for readers to the information they were looking for.