The FRIIDA experience at Hotel Victoria - An event with knowledge and unity

This week we helped make memories in Stavanger, when Websupporten together with FRIIDA and a team of great speakers created a magical evening with Afternoon Tea at Hotel Victoria. It was an evening packed with knowledge, unity, inspiration and well-being, bringing together 130 women in an experience of enlightenment and community.

Websupporten with FRIIDA at the venerable Hotel Victoria 2024
Afternoon Tea with FRIIDA at Hotel Victoria, a delicious afternoon menu

The technical aspects help set the "scene"

We're behind the technical setup, and made sure everything ran smoothly with FRIIDA. From sound control and microphones to presentation setup, our team ensured that every talk was delivered with clarity. The venerable space was transformed into an arena for learning and inspiration, with a flawless setup that laid the foundation for a hassle-free evening.

An enriching evening of lectures

The event featured a series of talks from prominent health and wellness experts:

The speakers and Siri Westervoll CEO of FRIIDA
From left, Dr. Synne Gulliksen, Mental coach Gunn Narten, Dr. Ragnhild Iuell, CEO Siri Westervoll, Neuroflexologist and vagus expert Annette Løno and Dentist Mona Eide Gast

The speakers not only created space for learning, but also for deeper understanding and self-reflection among the participants. They asked questions in the audience and touched on topics that are familiar in everyday life. This creates both laughter and careful reflection on how to improve one's own health. Often it is small changes through the stress of everyday life that give you that little extra towards better health.

The event was not only about imparting knowledge, but also about creating an experience. With delicious food, goodie bags, competitions and an atmosphere of togetherness, the evening was a memorable event for everyone in attendance. Participants went home not only with new knowledge, but also with new acquaintances and a feeling of having been part of a special event.

Gratitude and collaboration

We at Websupporten feel a deep sense of gratitude to have been a part of this event with FRIIDA and its partners. Working hand in hand with such inspiring speakers and engaged participants has been an honor and a confirmation of the power of community and knowledge sharing.

The event with FRIIDA could not have reached its heights without the support of FRIIDA's partners. Each one contributed their unique touch that further enriched the evening and gave the participants an extra reason to smile.

Oris Dental

Oris Dental contributed not only with professional insight, but also with a fun gift card competition.

Porsche Center Stavanger

With a display of cars at the entrance to the hotel, Porsche Center Stavanger handed out Porsche water and sweets, providing a taste of luxury that only Porsche can offer.

Dr. med. Christine SCHRAMMEK Cosmetics

SCHRAMMEK made sure that each guest could protect themselves from the sun's rays with a fantastic sunscreen. This provided a great bit of pampering that followed the participants home.

Georg Jensen

Georg Jensen enhanced the evening with their refined elegance by giving away free products to all attendees. Their competition in the foyer and the opportunity to shop for exclusive products on the spot, elevated the event to new heights with a touch of luxury.

FRIIDA - Health in every drop

FRIIDA itself took the initiative to promote health by selling Omega 3 at the stand. This allowed participants to invest in their own health, while supporting FRIIDA's further work.

Event planning and technical expertise

Through this event, we have also been able to demonstrate the importance of solid technical understanding and execution in event planning. Regardless of the scale of the event, it is crucial to have a team that can handle all the technical aspects - from sound and lighting to digital presentations. This ensures not only a smooth execution, but also that the content reaches the audience in the best possible way.

Websupporten is proud to offer this kind of technical expertise and support, and looks forward to more opportunities to contribute to successful events. Whether you're planning a small seminar or a large conference event, we have the knowledge and experience to put together a great plan and execute it in style.

Thank you to everyone who participated and helped make the evening with FRIIDA unforgettable. We look forward to seeing you again at future events, ready to create even more memorable moments together.